Monday, May 26, 2008

Sick baby

Having a sick baby in the house can be stressful especially if they don't stop crying. Jean-Marie had an ear and throat infection over the weekend and just couldn't stop crying. Eventually we took turns sleeping so one parent is holding her the whole time. This was just a terrible weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something unusual

A few weeks back a truck with six baby elephants stopped on its way to another province and dad couldn't let this opportunity go by without showing it to his angel!

My other angel

They are so adorable when sleeping!

Holiday in Mozambique

Going to a foreign country with a 3 year old can be very stressfull. Mine enjoyed holding the fish after dad and granddad came back from fishing in the ocean in the afternoons.

We stayed in an airconditioned house with DSTV!

My sleeping angel

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doctors bill

As a working mom I can't go to a clinic for the baby's immunisation shots, so of to the doctor. Last week we made an appointment which turned out to be a weighing and measuring visit and she charged me the full consultation fee even though she didn't have all thestock for the immunisation shots. Her answer either go to the clinic or make another appointment later in the month.

Morning ritual

Getting everybody ready in the morning for school, work and creche is very stressfull. My 4 year old needs to be encouraged to get dressed, eat - you constantly need to remind her to take a bite - and to brush her teeth. Before I started working again it took me an hour to get her ready for school and sometimes we were late. She absolutely loves reading her books, so the first thing she does in the morning is open a book and to get her attention proof to be very difficult as they are at the age of "I will do what I want and I know best".

Between all the bad there are funny moments. Cherise(4 years) doesn't see my father-in-law very often in his work clothes - their company buy their clothes from my husband - so this morning I put on a shirt from my husbands company and immediately she noticed, telling me that I have her grandfathers shirt on, which is very funny because he is a very very large man.

I can handle the oldest but the trouble starts when Jean-Marie(4 months) wake up when we are busy getting ready. She demands your attention with a cry and you can't ignore her, making it very difficult to get dressed and ready.

Monday, May 19, 2008

going back to work

Going back to work after 4 months of maternity leave is pure hell. To leave your baby at a daycare while you work isn't a nice experience. With my firts born I really wanted to go back to work - she was a difficult baby - but with my second it is a totally different story. This is my first day back at work but already I feel like maybe I should have stayed a month or two more.