Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I never kept a diary with Cherise with all the funny things she was saying when she was little.

Well now I intend to write down all the funny moments for her to read again when she is older!

This past weekend she was on a play date at a friend of mine - her son is also 4 but english. Those two get along very well, she learned to speak english and he afrikaans. It had just rained and my friend took them for a walk on the farm, coming to a pool of water she turned to Dale and told him in her broken english "Don't loop in the modder", and apparently Dale understood but his mother burst out laughing and helped her with the english words.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

When your kids are small you have to be so careful what and how you say things to one another. The things they say are so wihtout pretence.

In our house we have two big couches in front of the TV so you can get really comfortable when watching TV. I was on the one and Steven on the other, Cherise decided tonight was my night and made her comfortable on my coach. Being a busy 4 year old she just couldn't keep still - kicking me in the process. I got fed up and told her I was going to daddy and lie on the coach with him, not in Stevens nature to keep quiet he asked her if she was really going to leave us alone if we were on the coach, after a bit of silence , with a grin on her face she said: "I think not". The way she said it(sarcastically) and the grin was just too much for us and we burst out laughing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Cherise has been on holiday with my parents for two weeks. The last week they went to Kruger National Park - the park has been the only thing she has been talking about the last month. Cherise is very fortunate to have such loving grandparents that absolutely adores her. She is only 4 years old but already in her short life she has touched and fed warthogs, zebras and now sparrows and a bushbuck.

Important occurrences!

So many things happened this week. Jean-Marie waved ta-ta for the first time all on her own. She said mama - apparently continuously while crawling through the house and there is a sign of her first tooth.