Thursday, March 26, 2009



This morning Cherise went to school as a bunny.

They made baskets in which they are going to collect easter eggs and afterwards have a picnic. I saw the baskets this morning and they look so nice. The kids are really creative - well I don't know if there were a bit of help from their teacher - but still...

Sometimes my husband really surprises me in how much he cares for us. I told him during the week I needed to find her bunny ears, he went and bought some and even found her a tail. I think I don't always appreciate him the way I should!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jean-Marie Wound

I think I've received all the bills

Dr Vermeulens bill- our house doctor: R211.30, R108.90, R93.36 = R413.56
Narcotics Dr: R201.00, R439.48
Medi Clinic - the hospital: R860,00(the first time I went there - emergency room), R1007.10, R3780.20, R35.76, R3.75, R358.96 = R6045.77
ER - taking us to hospital the first time: if I remember correctly it is just over a R1000.00

This adds up to quite an amount!

Medi Clinic takes the cake with being rediculous in price!


Jean-Marie and Cherise could be so considerate towards one another and the next moment all hell breaks loose in our household. Jean-Marie aren't allowed to touch any of Cherise's "things" that includes her food as well - so we have constant fights.

Jean-Marie is teething again so she is a bit irritated by everybody and everything around her.

Well they say it is just a phase - hopefully it passes soon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Advertised products

You know how you always get junkmail in your postbox. I don't usually read them but some baby products special caught my eye. I went to the shop and there was none of the advertised products. I went the same day as the special started and nada, nothing!

I simply hate false promises. In the end I had to pay much more for the product cause it is just too much driving around town trying another shop.

Shouldn't shops keep stock of things they advertise?