Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jean-Marie bathing

The other night we had such a laugh at Jean-Marie.

We were visiting some friends and around seven all the kids take a bath. Odette filled the bath and afterwards took out her kids' nighties, while she was doing that Jean-Marie decided she is not going to wait any longer to get into the bath and climbed in clothes and all - and I mean all her clothes, from her shoes to the jacket.

It could have had a nasty turn if the bigger kids wasn't with her.

This just shows never ever leave kids alone in a bathroom!

Biofeedback Therapy

Out of desperation I took Cherise to a biofeedback therapist and for the first time I know what is wrong with my child. CANDIDA

I changed her eating habits and I can already see a change in her health after 4 weeks.

The only downside to this "fungus" is that the food she is allowed to eat are so expensive. Trying to find sugar less sweets/cookies.

At least we all are eating a bit more healthier!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sleepless nights!

Jean-Marie's sleeping habits are really getting worse by the week.

She sleeps peacefully from around 7h30 to 11 at night after which she just doesn't want to sleep in her own bed. She drinks about 6 x 250ml bottles a night which in turn results in wet nappies and bedding that need to be changed.

I tried giving her less to drink but in the end, just to get some sleep myself, I put her in our bed and give her a bottle.

HELP we need some sleep!!!!

Fight, fight, fight!

I wish my two daughters could get along!

Cherise get histeric when Jean-Marie try to play with her toys, ending up in either a fight or tears. To keep the peace in our house I step in and play with Jean-Marie, Cherise becomes jealous and wants to play along.

This all resulted in Jean-Marie literally taking toys from her big sister and run away with them, just trying to get some attention from big sis.