Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So cute!

When I feed Jean-Marie I try to make her sit in one place - usually in a kiddies chair. I must say it is working very well, that is if she is hungry.

Every morning when I have breakfast she also want some, where ever the chair is she sits down and expect you to come to her so she can eat.

She is so adorable in her small kiddies chair with her mouth open ready to eat!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jean-Marie wound update

On friday morning we removed the old plasters as it was full of dried blood. The wound was open again. It was going to leave a nasty scar on her forehead.

I don't know if it was a blessing or not but last saterday morning just after six Jean-Marie fell again! Trying to kick a ball of all the things she could have done. Sad to say the wound started bleeding again. I took her to our GP - Dr Vermeulen and she recommended we open the wound again so she can put in some stitches under aneastetic.

It really took a lot out of me trying to make Jean Marie sleep without a milk bottle. Luckily my mom helped me. Big sister Cherise went to a birthday party and afterwards to grandma's. So I could just focus om Jean Marie.

I am still waiting to see what this little trip to the hospital will cost.

The last plaster over the stitches was removed this morning and it looks really good - if I think of how it looked the same time last week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Accidents happen so fast!

Tonight I was busy preparing food for the kiddies - and looking at Jean-Marie trying to ride her "bike". The next moment the bike tumbles backwards and Jean-Marie fell off the bike at the back. I wasn't worried as this happens quite often - she trying to get off the bike from the wrong side. I was looking at her and not seeing anything wrong, Cherise came to have a look and just yelled Jean-Marie is bleeding.

I must thank the ER crew for their fast response and in helping me to get to hospital and stiched up. The nurses & doctor at the emergency room were very helpful and friendly. I think I would have handled it a bit different if Steven were her to help, now I had to be the strong one and stay calm.

I just hope there is no scar.

Getting a child to grow up safely is only a miracle as accidents happen so fast. It doesn't matter how well you protect your children from harm accidents do happen.